Solitude –Listen to the voice inside

Be still, listen as you take in every breath. Listen to the sounds that call you into being. Disconnect from the chaos and be yourself. Treat yourself to time away for retreat at Christ in the Wilderness.   Openings: Mariglen: Feb. 26-Mar. 2; Mar. 4-17; Mar. 21-Apr. 2 Paul:Feb. 23-Mar. 10; Mar. 13-19; Mar. 23-27; Mar. […]

February Openings

Winter is a wonderful time of the year to came away for some renewal before spring and summer activities.  Here are the times that we have a hermitage available for quiet reflection.    Mariglen is available Feb. 5-9 at noon; Feb. 25-March 2 at noon.   Paul is available Feb. 5-March 10 at noon.  Sabbath is […]