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      Here at Christ in the Wilderness, all are welcome to relax, reflect, and enjoy solitude in a tranquil environment. Our guests value nature, wildlife, and star-filled skies — all so evident here — but the special quality of Christ in the Wilderness is that it is a spirit center where people of all backgrounds feel at home. In this environment, everyone’s journey in life is reverenced as sacred and unique. We invite you to share in the spirit of Christ in the Wilderness.

      The Benefits of Solitude

      Pausing occasionally to reflect — without the distractions, clamor, interruptions, and rush of daily life — is a necessity for living a balanced life. Christ in the Wilderness is an oasis that offers people the opportunity to do so.

      Solitude can mean having time to read a book, create a work of art, reflect on life’s journey, pray for guidance, or be in the presence of God. For some, it is simply a chance to experience silence, encounter nature, or enjoy a thorough rest.

      Solitude allows retreatants to ponder questions they cannot find time or space to address elsewhere. Those who spend time in solitude return to the world renewed and reenergized. They experience a heightened sense of balance and focus. Solitude, then, is essential for living life well.

      Retreatants come here from all walks of life, and from various philosophical approaches, spiritual traditions, and religious and non-religious backgrounds. After experiences of solitude, retreatants have made significant changes in their lives, their priorities and values, their jobs and responsibilities, and even where they live.

      When people pause and listen to their deepest wisdom, they begin to understand they have limited time in which to realize their life goals. They no longer choose to put things on hold.

      Read Solitude Renews Life, a talk given by Sr. Julia Bathon, OSF (2007)