May Retreat

It is a beautiful day at Christ in the Wilderness. The wild plum trees are blooming. The violets and dandelions decorate the green grass as it is growing. Today I found purple, white with purple center and yellow violets while walking the path behind the chapel area. The birds are singing. Do you want to […]

Hermitages available.

Looking for time away during Lent. We have Mariglen and Sabbath available from March 19-23 at noon. The weather is warming up, grass is greening up and the bird song in the morning is beautiful. It is a great time to experience solitude. Call 825-947-2476 or email citw@citwretreat.com to reserve time. God bless you. Sign […]

Hermitages available

Hermitages available for retreat. I had a couple of cancellations. Paul is available from Jan. 22 to Jan. 30 at noon. Mariglen and Sabbath are available from Jan. 24 to 28th at noon. Let me know if you would like to reserve a time for retreat. Invite others to consider a retreat at Christ in […]

Openings in January and February

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and look forward to a blessed new year. Openings at Christ in the Wilderness Mariglen:Jan. 10-21 at noon; Jan. 23-28 at noon; Jan. 30-Feb. 28 Paul: Jan. 8-16 at noon; Jan. 30-Feb. 7 at noon; Feb. 10-28 Sabbath: Jan. 10-28 at noon; Jan. 30-Feb. 1 at noon; Feb. […]

Mariglen Available.

Due to a cancellation, I have Mariglen available June 21-27 at noon. Let me know if you would like to reserve it for retreat. Sign up to receive our weekly digest email! Name: Email:   Powered by Knowtify Thanks for signing up!