God extended the invitation to be alone with Him and I accepted

It all began sitting in traffic amongst the horns, sirens, ever constant ringing and beeping of technology and the gripping fatigue an end of day can bring when I heard God say, “come to me, we have work to do.” I knew then it was retreat time. I asked God to lead me to the […]

March retreat time

The Spring weather has come. We still have Mariglen and Sabbath open from March 22-27th. It is a great time to take a retreat. Contact me for a reservation.

3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Solitude

I started coming to Christ in The Wilderness many years ago and it has become an annual, week-long sacred time for me; a week that unfolds naturally, without expectation. Here are three reasons why I believe we should embrace solitude from time to time: 1. Connection with self Solitude provides a retreat from the sounds […]

The Gift of Being

It had been many years since I had “retreated” from my day-to-day life. But during a hectic holiday season , a friend suggested that I consider visiting a quiet, natural setting a few hours from my home. I decided to carve out a long weekend at the beginning of the new year to spend at […]

CITW Winter Retreat

Openings in the next couple of weeks: Mariglen: Jan. 11-18 at noon; Jan. 21-24 at noon; Jan. 27-Feb. 5 at noon. Paul: Jan. 21-Feb. 13 at noon. Sabbath: Jan. 16-18 at noon; Jan. 25-Feb. 3.