CITW Winter Retreat

Openings in the next couple of weeks: Mariglen: Jan. 11-18 at noon; Jan. 21-24 at noon; Jan. 27-Feb. 5 at noon. Paul: Jan. 21-Feb. 13 at noon. Sabbath: Jan. 16-18 at noon; Jan. 25-Feb. 3.

Winter Retreat

We certainly have not had a lot of winter weather so far. The CITW grounds are acessible without trouble. The days are at times in the low 40’s, so it is a good time to be here for retreat. Here are the openings that we have for this winter. Mariglen: Jan. 10-18 at noon; Jan. […]

Coming Home – No Schedule, No Noise

As I sit this moonlit autumn morning, I am drawn to my precious journal entries from my time at Christ in the Wilderness a few weeks ago. I read and peace begins to wash over me, and I find myself smiling. “Oct. 10. Dear Father, Shepherd, Comforter, I am here at Paul of Tarsus! It […]


Peace upon all who come to this place of rest. Peace to those seeking stars and trees, bird song and silence. Peace to those who sing with the wind in the wood, and those who kneel on leaves beside a half-thawed stream. Peace to those who fold their hands in prayer, to shose who bow […]

Smile Amazon and Black Friday

Many Black Friday deals are already listed online. If you are doing your shopping online, use Smile Amazon and choose Christ in the Wilderness as the recipient of their donations through Smile Amazon. We appreciate your support.