CITW is Open

A welcome moment for CITW. We are welcoming back retreatants. You can call for reservations through the rest of the year. In June, I have June 6-10 available, June 15-17 at noon, June 25-July 1 at noon. The grounds are beautiful and the birds are singing wonderfully. Invite those who don’t know of Christ in […]

Christ in the Wilderness Closed

Considering the continued concern surrounding the coronavirus, and in a spirit of caring and love for our friends, Christ in the Wilderness will be closed, beginning today, Sunday, March 22 and lasting until April 7, 2020. During this time period: if you are registered for a retreat, we will contact you directly to notify you […]

We are open.

Christ in the Wilderness is open and will remain open until Further notice. I have retreatants coming and if they have a concern, they can call 815-947-2476. Sign up to receive our emails! Name: Email:   Powered by Knowtify Thanks for signing up!

Black Friday Purchases Support CITW

If you are shopping using Amazon this holiday season. Shop through Amazon Smile with your regular Amazon account and choose Christ in the Wilderness as the recepient of Amazon’s donations. We get a check quarterly from Amazon with the portion of their sales from what you spent. It does not cost you any extra funds. […]

Opening in Paul

Due to a cancellation, I have Paul of Tarsus available Oct. 3-8 at noon. The weather is cooling down the rest of this week. It will be a beautiful fall experience for retreat. Contact me at citw@citwretreat.com or 815-947-2476 to reserve some retreat time. Sign up to receive our emails! Name: Email:   Powered by […]