Come to Christ in the Wilderness and Experience Solitude

We are open and offer a safe place in nature to be in solitude. Have you ever wondered what to tell someone about Christ in the Wilderness. If you have been here, share your personal experience of CITW. Here are some key points to offer to someone, who doesn’t know about Christ in the Wilderness.

Christ in the Wilderness is a hermitage retreat center located on 80 rolling acres of natural beauty in northwest Illinois. CITW welcomes people from every background, and provides an opportunity to spend time alone in a safe and secluded natural environment.

Our ministry was founded 40 years ago on the simple, yet profoundly important idea that taking periodic breaks from the constant noise and routine distractions of everyday life is essential to living a balanced life.

Our landscape is peaceful and filled with gentle wonders. Hike the paths, and listen to the sounds of nature. Soak in the sight, sound, touch, and smell of the meadows, forests, and wildlife of CITW.

Whether its taking time to process recent events, exploring wildlife and ecology, unlocking your artistic abilities, reading, grieving the loss of a loved one or changed circumstances, or experiencing the simple silence of your private hermitage to deepen your spirituality, we provide the space and time to be one with yourself, nature, and God.

If you seek a healing space, we invite you to CITW to help you deal with the pain of your loss, and to support your search for peace, solace, and comfort.

Our simple accommodations offer all you need, gifting you with time to enjoy your experience. CITW provides individual lodgings in our three hermitages located in the midst of the natural environment to ensure the quiet and solitude of each guest. We are often asked, “What is a hermitage?” A hermitage is a simple but comfortable cabin that enables you to retreat from everyday life. Each hermitage has a single bed, dresser, towels and linens, bathroom with shower, fully equipped kitchen (bring your own food), a comfortable reading chair, and a screened in porch with a chair. Each hermitage is carefully cleaned before your arrival.

Sister Julia will welcome you, and assist you in bringing items to your hermitage. You will miss seeing her cheery smile behind her mask, but your safety is important. Our intention is to offer a safe, caring, and welcoming space to each guest.

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