The Gift of Being

It had been many years since I had “retreated” from my day-to-day life. But during a hectic holiday season , a friend suggested that I consider visiting a quiet, natural setting a few hours from my home. I decided to carve out a long weekend at the beginning of the new year to spend at […]

CITW Winter Retreat

Openings in the next couple of weeks: Mariglen: Jan. 11-18 at noon; Jan. 21-24 at noon; Jan. 27-Feb. 5 at noon. Paul: Jan. 21-Feb. 13 at noon. Sabbath: Jan. 16-18 at noon; Jan. 25-Feb. 3. Sign up to receive our emails! Name: Email:   Powered by Knowtify Thanks for signing up!

Winter Retreat

We certainly have not had a lot of winter weather so far. The CITW grounds are acessible without trouble. The days are at times in the low 40’s, so it is a good time to be here for retreat. Here are the openings that we have for this winter. Mariglen: Jan. 10-18 at noon; Jan. […]