Peace upon all who come to this place of rest.
Peace to those seeking stars and trees, bird song and silence.
Peace to those who sing with the wind in the wood, and those who kneel on leaves beside a half-thawed stream.
Peace to those who fold their hands in prayer, to shose who bow their head in grief, to those who face the sunrise in hope.
Peace to thos who com empty and are filled.
Peace to those who come spilling over and are emptied out.
Peace to shose who come with demons and are ministered to by angels.
Peace to those who carry heavy burdens and can only drem of laying their head upon a pillow in such a place.
May those blessed with rest in these hills carry the grace of this wilderness into the world, bearing to those in need its healing peace.
In Thanksgiving, Anne February ’18
CITW Creek

Creek in the Spring