Birdies for Charity

Birdies for Charity
    We sent this letter out earlier in the Spring.  Thanks to all those who have pledged  or made a donation towards our Mower Fund.   This is a reminder that the date for pledges to be turned in is July 13.  If you would like to make a donation, it can be sent in by July 13 or send them to Christ in the Wilderness within
Schweiss mower

the next month.  I have included our letter below.  If you want a Birdies Form click here: Birdies For Charity Pledge/Donation Form

You are Invited to a Retirement Party!
        Our faithful Schweiss lawnmower is now 30 years old and ready for retirement! (Greener pastures would only mean more work, so let’s leave it as just “retirement”). CITW purchased the 12-year old lawnmower in 2000 and it has reliably mowed CITW’s paths and grassy areas for the past 18 years. Schweiss lawnmowers are no longer manufactured and parts are not readily available. We have had to do some creative fixes (think wire and duct tape) over the past couple of years just to keep it chugging along. We are looking to raise $10,000 towards a new (or reliable used) commercial lawnmower that can handle the steep hills and terrain of CITW. So…
Let’s put some FUN, into the new Lawnmower Fund!
Keep your eyes on the Birdies…
       CITW is participating in the “Birdies for Charity” fundraising event associated with the 2018 John Deere Classic golf tournament. Your donation increases by at least 5%! The “Birdies for Charity” organization will award CITW a minimum bonus of 5%(and possibly more) of the total donations directed to CITW. For example, a $100 donation turns into $105 with a 5% bonus! So just like the grass, your donation grows!
Pledge, Guess, and Win!
     Two ways to donate: A pledge per every birdie made throughout the tournament or a 1-time flat amount. (A “birdie” in golf is a score of one-under-par for any given hole.) Guess the exact number of birdies that will be made by the Tour Pro golfers and you may drive away with (a 2-year leased) 2018 Lexus NX! There were 1918 birdies in last year’s tournament. Please see the enclosed brochure for the details on prizes and how to complete your pledge card.
     Pledge cards must be received in the tournament office by July 13, 2018
Good intentions (and mail) sometimes get buried, so please don’t delay! Your help in starting the lawnmower fund will keep CITW looking beautiful and safe for retreatants to stay on the designated paths. Any pledge will make a difference.
We appreciate and are honored by your continued support!
Blessings and Peace,
Lisa Hjorth                               Julia Bathon, OSF
Board Member                         Executive Director