Mariglen Available.

Due to a cancellation, I have Mariglen available June 21-27 at noon. Let me know if you would like to reserve it for retreat. Sign up to receive our emails! Name: Email:   Powered by Knowtify Thanks for signing up!

Mariglen Available

I just had a cancellation for Mariglen, May 17th to May 21st at noon due to illness. If you have been thinking of a retreat time, this spring, we have a hermitage open this week. The weather will be beautifully warm. The honeysuckle is blooming everywhere, so the sweet scent floats through the air everywhere. […]

Rooted In Love Branching into the Future.

There are people who have put their heart and soul into making Christ in the Wilderness a place of prayer, silence, reflection and nature. We honor them with gratitude for lives that have been touched and changed. Christ in the Wilderness is more than 80 acres of land, space, or a place on the map. […]

Paul Available for Retreat

Due to the increase in COVID cases the retreatant cannot get off of work tomorrow and had to cancel their retreat. I have Paul of Tarsus available from tomorrow, Nov. 19 to Monday, Nov. 23 at noon. If you would like to come for retreat this weekend, call me. This weekend is suppose to be […]

Sabbath Available

Due to a family emergency, a retreatant had to cancel an upcoming retreat. Sabbath is available for retreat Oct. 30 to Nov. 4 at noon. If you were looking for a fall retreat time or know of someone else, let them know. The weather is going to be very nice this coming weekend. Call to […]