Spring Openings

I just came in from outside and the weather is stunning today. I think we can say Spring is here. The birds are singing, the sun is coaxing the green plant shoots out of the ground and the grass is greening up. Come and enjoy the beauty of new life returning, as you spend time in retreat at Christ in the Wilderness. Here are the openings for the next month or so. 

Mariglen: April 28-30 at noon; May 4-11 at noon; May 15-17 at noon; May 20-25 at noon.
Paul of Tarsus:April 24-27 at noon; May 4-9 at noon; May 16-18 at noon.
Sabbath Place: April 23-27 at noon; April 29-May 4 at noon; May 6-10 at noon; May 12-14 at noon.

Invite others to consider a retreat or schedule one for yourself.